4 Hour Basic Operator Course


Certification for 20 Officers

Includes Certificate of Completion

Pocket License

Student Manual


4 hour operator course: The Arrest & Control (Handcuffing) operator program delivers a comprehensive approach to arrest, control, & restraint of a subject. This course contains all of the learning teaching technology components necessary for participants who successfully complete the course to train and remediate staff in handcuffing tactics. Course involves learning and successfully demonstrating and teaching at the instructor level. Officers will receive pocket license and 4 hours of BSIS elective training requirements. Officers will receive student books.

Course Syllabus

Module I:History, Statistics
Module II:Body Physics and Dynamics
Module III:Basic Stance, Patterns of Movement
Module IV:Cover and Contact Officer
Module V:Relative Positioning Strategies
Module VI:Control Techniques (Single and Multiple Officer Involvement)
Module VII: Standing
Module VIII: Kneeling
Module IX:Prone

In this DYNAMIC 6 hour modular Instructor Certification Program: You and your officers will learn:

History of Restraints: Handcuff types and Nomenclature
Patterns of Movement: Basic Stance
Hands on Training!
Approaching a Subject: Cover & Contact Officer, Relative Positioning Strategies
Pat Downs, Searches, Frisks, (Terry vs. Ohio)
Standing Handcuffing Procedures
Kneeling Handcuffing Procedures
Prone Handcuffing Procedures
Use of Force and Report Writing
E-Book  for Advanced Arrest and Control Course-Criminal Laws Course Manuals
Learn how to train others and run a successful handcuffing training session.

Instructor Resources with Program (FREE):

Class Power Point presentation for your classes
Student Manuals, Rosters, Forms, Tests
Certificate of Completion Template
Pocket License Template

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                                                 Studies show that over 67% of resistance

                                                 by subjects occurs after the first handcuff

                                                 has been applied. All too often the result is

                                                 injury and/or death to either the officer

                                                 or subject.

Seminar Topics

You will learn and be certified with our 4-hour Handcuffing Certification to properly and efficiently apply handcuffs.

*Handcuffing in Different Positions and with Different Handcuffs,  *Handcuffing Nomenclature,  *Hinged Handcuffs,  *General Handcuffing Guidelines,  Handcuffing The Resistive, Non-Resistive, or Semi-Resistive Subject,  *The Prone Straight Arm Lock Handcuffing,  *Disengaging Procedures,  *Standing a Prone Handcuffed Subject,  *Removing Handcuffs,  *Frisk and Cuff,  *Pat Down,  *Use of Contact and Cover,  *Use of Plastic Cuffs,  and Documentation 

A Certificate and Pocket License will be Issued at End of Course! 





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 6 Hour Tactical Instructor Course


5 Instructor Candidates Needed for Seminar

Includes Instructor Credentials, Instructor

Power Point, Instructor Manual,

Templates to issue Student Certificates

and Pocket License, Able to teach BSIS

Handcuffing Certification as per our facility

On-Site Arrest & Control Tactics

Handcuffing Certification

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