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Paul Ornelas

I owe my new career path, and the tools I have to navigate it, to Guard Training Center. I have had an interviewer actually tell me "We have been waiting for a qualified Officer to fit this post.". It blew me away. If you are looking to start or further a career in the security industry, this is the place to go.

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Abraham Osuna

Public saftey institue is the best place to go for all your training needs. I got the officer training academy package and got certified in Guard Card, Firearms, hancuffing, pepper spary, and CPR. They helped me get a Job the first day i was there, which was awesome. Mr. Aguila is very easy to understand and straight forward trainer, also Mr Martin. I am really satisfied highly recommend to go with them and get all your certifications and training. They are the best place to go anywhere in Socal.

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Genaro R.

I attended the guard card class today and everything went smoothly very knowledgeable staff that know what they are talking  about i highly recommended it u get a lot of training certification for a very reasonable price thank u

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